Coal Silo - Case Studies

  • Our client needed this old coal silo removing and replaced with a new one. The roof and top rings of the replacement were built first, and ten temporarily moved aside.

  • The crane was hooked on to the lifting lugs on the old silo.

  • The old silo was gently lifted off its base

  • And lowered on to its side

  • Then we can safely move it with the crane to the side ready for dismantling and disposal.

  • The pre-assembled roof was then hooked on to the crane and lifted using our specially designed lifting brackets, and long slings to avoid altering the shape of the silo. Silo sheets were bolted on to the bottom.

  • More rings of sheets and wind stiffeners were added until ............

  • Finally the new coal silo is ready to be lifted into position.

  • A steady crane driver, who followed our banksman’s signals manoeuvred the silo into the exact required position.

  • And the new coal silo in it's new resting place. Another happy customer!

    When we dismantle a silo, a process similar to this is used only in reverse. The lifting brackets, fitting them and calculating the weight of the silo are the keys to a safe and successful job.

    To find out how we can help with your silo or tank replacements, call us today

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