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Slurry Equipment Sales

Second-hand slurry stores are available for sale here. In compliance with regulations, any re-conditioned slurry stores that we supply will have a design life of 20 years.

We also supply a range of small equipment either from stock or to order for next day.

  • Tanker/umbilical outlet

    Tanker/umbilical outlet

    6" size usually in stock.

    Please ask for alternative sizes and arrangements.

    When using these valves for separated liquid or water, we have noted a very tiny amount of leakage past the slide. We will be pleased to supply an alternative valve in this case, if we are informed when the order is placed.

    Condition: New

    Price: 6": £1,206.00; 8": £1872.00

  • Solid Slurry Channel Cover

    Solid Slurry Channel Cover

    Pre-cast concrete slurry channel covers, left over from a contract.

    1.0m wide x 1.2m long x 150mm thick. We have six left.

    Condition: New

    Price: Clearance price: £55.00 each + delivery + VAT

  • Pre-cast Concrete Slatted Cover

    Pre-cast Concrete Slatted Cover

    One pre-cast concrete slatted cover for slurry channels. Suitable for cattle and light traffic, not heavy machinery.

    Dimensions: 2.4m x 1.0m x 150mm.

    Condition: New

    Price: £125.00 + delivery, + VAT

  • Slurry hose

    Slurry hose

    We stock top quality suction hose, in standard sizes: 4", 5" and 6" which can be cut to any length. Other sizes available in complete coils.

    Cheaper hose is available, but it will not be as reliable or long lasting as this!

    Prices are per metre, cut to length, ex works, and plus VAT. Please ask for the length and price of a full roll.

    Condition: NEW

    Price: 4": £33.00/m; 5": £35.50/m; 6": £39.50/m

  • Bauer Hose Couplings

    Bauer Hose Couplings

    We can supply all sizes of Bauer couplings. Male or female, female complete with sealing ring or male complete with over-centre clamp/clip.

    Please note, 5" is not a commonly used size, hence the price!

    Other Bauer couplings available on request.

    Prices are + delivery and + VAT

    Condition: NEW

    Price: MALE BAUER/HOSE: 4" £32.50; 5" : £65.00; 6": £ 74.50; FEMALE BAUER/HOSE: 4": £14.00; 5": £28.40; 6": £31.70



    Below ground double valved outlet for slurry stores, to the EA approved design. Make up your own from component parts, but remember that there has to be 1.0 metre between the two valves, which, with the pipe from the tank to the valves must be encased in concrete.


    12" PVC pipe

    12" PVC ring seal joiner

    12" PVC ring seal elbow.

    Prices are ex-works and + VAT

    Condition: NEW

    Price: Valve c/w handle: £1344.00, 12" PVC pipe: £35.00/m; 12" ring seal pipe joiner: £39.50; 12" PVC ring seal 90 degree elbow: £170.00



    As used on slurry tankers and umbilical outlets. Supplied complete with handle and 'O' rings. Please ask for alternative controls.

    Available in four sizes, 4", 5", 6"; (these all have fixing holes 150mm apart), and 8",with fixing holes 180mm apart.

    5" model pictured. 6" in stock for collection, all sizes can be delivered direct from my suppliers.

    Prices are + delivery, + VAT

    Handle Included


    Condition: NEW

    Price: 4": £155.90; 5": £197.50; 6": £205.80; 8": £397.30.

  • Tank Filling/Agitating Jetter

    Tank Filling/Agitating Jetter

    5" jetter, fixed to the side of the slurry tank. Adjustable so can be directed to help break up crust.

    Connects to a 5" MALE Bauer coupling. The fixing brackets are adjustable to fit all makes of tank. Male Bauer/MZ flange shown in picture is extra.

    Condition: NEW

    Price: £556.00 + VAT , Ex-works.

  • Butterfly valves and 3

    Butterfly valves and 3" Ball Valve

    Various butterfly valves, new old stock and used. 5", and 6". One 3" brass ball valve, (can be dismantled for cleaning)

    Condition: Shop soiled/used

    Price: Please call

  • Simplex Slurry Store

    Simplex Slurry Store

    This Simplex slurry store is now dismantled. Sadly, despite appearances, it is not good enough to re-erect as a tank. As a result, we have a few Simplex slurry store sheets available as spares. These are becoming increasingly rare.

    If interested give me a call with the thickness and bolt pattern you require.

    Please NOTE: Simplex slurry store sheets are not the same size as Simplex tower silo sheets.

    Condition: Used

    Price: On application, depends on location



    We always have several hundred galvanised plastic capped silo bolts in stock. As usual, these are 1/2" UNC thread. The usual colour of cap is : Blue 1"; Yellow 1 1/4"; Red 1 1/2", but sometimes different colours are used. Prices are per 100, complete with galvanised nut and washer, ex-works, and + VAT.

    Condition: NEW

    Price: 1" £34.00 per 100; 1 1/4" £36.00 per 100; 1 1/2" £38.00 per 100.

    Nuts £5.00 per 100; washers £2.50 per 100


  • Sikaflex Mastic

    Sikaflex Mastic

    Sikaflex Tank Specification + (TS+)mastic, in 600cc sausages. The best mastic available for silos and slurry stores.

    Price is for a single tube, ex-works,+ VAT.

    Discount for quantities, please ask if you need more than 50 tubes, (1 box holds 20). Sikaflex is one of the few mastics approved for uses which bring it into contact with drinking water.

    Condition: NEW

    Price: £10.00 per 600cc Sausage

  • Submersible slurry pumps

    Submersible slurry pumps

    Features a stainless steel cutter ring and scroll type cutter impeller mounted on a reduced length shaft.

    Single phase models are supplied with a float switch as standard (manual versions to order) and an IP55 control box housing start and run capacitors, thermal overload and reset.

    Supply only, or ask us to visit and quote to supply and install pump and pipework.

    Condition: NEW

    Price: From around £1450 +VAT delivered

  • Sealant for joints between concrete and other materials

    Sealant for joints between concrete and other materials

    Concrete shrinks when it sets, with the result that in some cases, at pipe penetrations for example, the joint is difficult to seal. Water or slurry can pass along the external surface of the pipe, which can be a particular problem with cast in situ below ground concrete tanks.

    We have a product, Sikaswell, which in such situations swells and seals the gap when water reaches it. The correct method is to stick the strip to the surface using the Sikaswell mastic, before pouring the concrete.

    Further details are available here:

    (download details)

    Condition: NEW

    Price: £23.50 per 600cc sausage; Sikaswell 2005 £11.00 per metre

  • PVC LAY-FLAT HOSE Special Offer

    PVC LAY-FLAT HOSE Special Offer

    We have new 6" red PVC lay-flat hose in stock.

    Also new 5" blue lay-flat

    Both rated at 6 bar pressure. Cut to length as required.

    Condition: New, in stock

    Price: 6" £12.00 per metre; 5" £10.00 per metre + VAT

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    4" Male Bauer Hose Tail

    As shown. We have two of these for sale.

    Condition: Used

    Price: £12.00 ono

  • Replacement Sluice Gate Slide

    Replacement Sluice Gate Slide

    Manufactured in Stainless steel, designed to overcome the well known problem of corrosion where the operating rod attaches, as in the second picture. Complete with rectangular stainless steel and rubber washers.

    In Stock.

    Like other companies, we constantly try to improve our products. This item will shortly be updated to provide the same performance at reduced cost. Please contact me if interested. NEW, LOWER Price + P&P and + VAT

    Condition: New

    Price: £246.00 new supplier, over £100 cheaper!

  • Replacement Tank Sheets

    Replacement Tank Sheets

    Just a few of the good quality used silo/ tank sheets we have for sale.

    This stack includes:

    Boythorpe 8' x 4'
    Boythorpe 5'9" x 3'
    Harvestore 9' x 5', staggered seam
    Simplex silo sheets
    Simplex slurry tank sheets

    All in various bolt patterns. If you need a particular sheet to replace a damaged original, please ask. The price given includes enough new silo bolts, washers and nuts to fix, and Sikaflex Tank Specification + mastic.Please note that good quality Boythorpe 8' X 4' sheets are getting very hard to find.

    Condition: Good used

    Price: From £80.00 each

  • Bolt Type Hose Clamps

    Bolt Type Hose Clamps

    Bolt type hose clamps, as shown, in sizes for 4", 5" and 6" slurry suction hose.

    Other sizes on request.

    Also in stainless:- please ask for prices.

    Condition: New

    Price: 4" suction hose £2.25; 5" suction hose £2.70; 6" suction hose £3.20.

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