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Silo and Feed Hopper Design, Repair And Maintenance Services

We undertake the design of silo installations as well as silo inspection, testing and repair services; in addition we supply and install feed hoppers and conveying systems.

We specialise in sealed grain silos, such as Harvestore® (Howard and A O Smith), Boythorpe Cropstore and Simplex silos. We can also supply and erect second hand models in many sizes, by most manufacturers.

Our Silos Services Include

  • Replacement components for sealed silos
  • Silo design & planning for grain, feed, or any bulk material
  • Silo inspection, testing and repair
  • Moist grain silos & tower silos
  • Feed hopper repairs and replacement flights and tubes for both flexible and shafted augers
  • Conversion of moist grain stores to dry, by fitting vents, ducts and fans
  • Supply and fitting sweep augers to all kinds of silo
  • Filling equipment such as blowers, pipes, and elevators,/li>
  • Augers and other conveyors

All silo installation and repair work is performed in the safest way possible

Silo Repairs

The performance of all silos will deteriorate over time due to expansion and contraction every filling and temperature change, although frequent inspections and scheduled maintenance can dramatically improve the quality of stored grain. As the continued passage of grain through any conveyor will wear pipes and chutes, we have become experts in carrying out economical repairs on these and also on all types of grain silos and related storage equipment.

Disused Silos

We are currently looking for large Harvestore® silage/haylage and forage towers and all sizes of Harvestore® grain silos in good condition. However, please remember the cost of dismantling a tower silo safely and without causing damage, is high.

Silo - Case Studies

  • Dismantling an elevator

    Dismantling an elevator

  • Leaking roof

    Leaking roof

    The roof on this silo was leaking allowing rain water ingress and spoiling the silo contents

  • Here's the cause of the leak

    Here's the cause of the leak

    Back at the workshop it was easy to see that a fitting had rusted away, so a replacement was fabricated.

  • Roof removed

    Roof removed

    While the roof was accessible, other parts of the roof were re-furbished as well, including a new handrail, which was fitted once the roof was back in place.

  • New roof fitted

    New roof fitted

    The roof was repaired and refitted to the silo and tested for leaks.

  • Small silo with access door

    Small silo with access door

    The customer required a small silo that would fit on the existing base, between a shed and another silo. We were able to supply one of the required size. A door that would provide access to the contents for sampling and removal of small quantities, without spillage, was also required.

  • Here is the door...

    Here is the door...

    We designed and fabricated a door to meet these requirements. It fits the curve of the silo exactly, so that here is no distortion and consequent unpredictable stresses on the structure.

  • Feed silos

    Feed silos

    We also supply feed silos and conveying systems, which can also be used to store wood pellets for heating.

    Sizes up to 50m³ and beyond, delivered assembled or for assembly on site. Either centre discharge or side discharge, to suit your requirements.

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  • Collinson feed silo hopper in need of repair

    Collinson feed silo hopper in need of repair

    This Collinsons feed silo was ready for replacement...

  • Here's the same silo after we had fabricated a new outlet

    Here's the same silo after we had fabricated a new outlet

    with a few new parts to include an improved bagging chute, and some careful fabrication, it should last a few more years yet!

  • Giving an old silo a new life

    Giving an old silo a new life

    This silo was purchased from a farm in Monmouth where it was no longer needed. After some hours of intense activity, it was dismantled. Cleaned up, it was re-erected in South West Scotland, using new nuts and bolts, and with new filler pipes and swan neck. The capacity was increased by adding two extra rings of sheets.

  • This roof is badly damaged

    This roof is badly damaged

    The roof of this obsolete silo was damaged by emptying with a sucker/blower without opening the roof hatch to admit air.We found and fitted a second-hand roof panel to repair the damage.

  • Fitting a new roof

    Fitting a new roof

    Here we are doing a repair to another silo that has suffered the same fate

  • Demolition time

    Demolition time

    Starting to demolish a Reco concrete stave silo. The roof has been removed, and we are starting on the silo itself. Because of the buildings round the bottom, great care was needed. Damage to the adjacent roof was minimal

  • To see more projects, in greater detail, visit our case studies page

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