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Slurry & Waste Tank Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

We provide a comprehensive range of slurry and waste handling installations including tanks, pumps, pipework and waste water or slurry conditioning systems to customers throughout Derbyshire, the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

Health & Safety


Due to recent tragic circumstances, everybody is now more aware of the danger from entering a slurry store. Rockall Safety are able to hire gas monitors on a "next day" basis, at reasonable rates.

Supply & Installation

Predominantly supporting the agricultural sector, we also install tanks for waste and anaerobic digestion. We carry out a full site survey, and supply drawings suitable for your planning applications, or even complete the application for you.

We supply Storth Tanks which in our experience are of a quality as good as or better than other tank manufacturers

Tank Modifications, Repairs & Disposal

We also refurbish and repair existing older tanks including Boythorpe, Gascoigne, Alfa Laval Harvestore, AO Smith and Simplex, either in situ, or to re-erect on another site.

We only purchase good quality second-hand tanks for reconditioning and resale if we are sure that they will have a life of 20 years, to comply with EA regulations. Some tanks were originally installed with the intention of extending them at a later date. We can decide whether your tank is such, and supply new or good second-hand sheets to do so, either adding a ring to the top, or inserting a ring at the bottom if you require additional capacity.


In line with the requirements of your Insurance policy and the Environment Agency, we will provide a full inspection of slurry and waste tanks followed by a detailed report.

Conditioning & Treatment

Slurry conditioning is becoming increasingly important to preserve the fertiliser value and control odour. We recommend Ameram equipment to do this most effectively, and install Aeromixers in new and existing circular above ground stores, and slatted cellars. Biocrust is a new development in floating covers to control odour escaping from the slurry and lock in nitrogen to maintain fertiliser value. We now work closely with a supplier of treatment equipment, ranging from a simple rag filter, through settlement tanks, different types of separator, lamella plate clarifiers, and aeration systems to complete sewage treatment plant ready for discharge to a water course.

Tank Covers

tank with newly fitted cover

We often are asked about fitting covers to existing tanks.
 This older DEFRA document is particularly informative

If your main concern is keeping rain water out of the slurry store to maximise available storage, a floating cover is probably the best solution. Please remember that all other types of cover require a stronger tank and foundation to carry the increased wind loading. Most covers have a life expectancy of around fifteen years, much less than the twenty plus of the tank itself.

Covers are supplied by SteFos who have over 30 years experience supplying covering solutions in agriculture, industry and horticulture inside and outside of Europe.

Slurry - Case Studies

  • 6 Inch Umbilical Outlet

    6 Inch Umbilical Outlet

    The most cost effective way to deal with an obsolete sluice is to fit an outlet to which you can directly connect a tanker or umbilical pump.

  • PVC Umbilical Outlet

    PVC Umbilical Outlet

    If corrosion of the galvanised part is likely to be a problem, we fabricate an alternative tank fitting in PVC, still using the correct silo bolts.

  • Water Tank

    Water Tank

    This small (50 m³) water tank was constructed to store water from a borehole. Later a flat deck roof was fitted, and an additional outlet to allow the water to be used for fire fighting.

  • Bunded Leachate Tank - Before

    Bunded Leachate Tank - Before

    Bunded leachate tank, ready for the roof to be fitted

  • Leachate Tank - After

    Leachate Tank - After

    Leachate tank now with a flat deck cover fitted

  • Fire Pump On Water Tank

    Fire Pump On Water Tank

    Water tanks can be fitted with outlets to fire pumps, hopefully never to be needed!

  • Worn Sluice Slide

    Worn Sluice Slide

    This picture shows a worn slide, where the hole for the operating rod has corroded to the extent that the new nut will slip through.

    Many slurry stores are still fitted with a sluice gate that is now obsolete for a variety of reasons.

    More information is available on the DEFRA website

  • New Sluice Slide

    New Sluice Slide

    Common problems include gates less than a metre apart, and slides which for a variety of reasons, no longer seal. We have designed a new slide in stainless steel for the old Harvestore valve, which used to corrode as the enamel became chipped.

  • A Large Tank Near Glastonbury

    A Large Tank Near Glastonbury

    The largest single slurry store we have built recently, was this, with a gross capacity of over 1,000,000 gallons.

  • Simple Tank Extension

    Simple Tank Extension

    We can extend most makes. If the tank is strong enough, it is simple to add rings to the top.

  • Alternative Tank Extension

    Alternative Tank Extension

    If the tank was not designed to be extended, we can lift the whole structure and insert rings at the bottom.

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